Millstadt EMS Apparatus 

Paramedic Unit 3926

3926 is a 2013 Ford F350 Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic unit that is a state-of-the-art mobile medical facility designed to deliver advanced prehospital care. Fitted with a powerful diesel engine and 2-wheel drive capability, this unit ensures swift response and maneuverability, crucial for navigating through varied terrains and reaching patients in diverse environments.

Equipped with IV infusion pumps, the paramedic unit enables the administration of intravenous medications and fluids, ensuring rapid and precise delivery. Onboard and portable suction units are essential for maintaining clear airways, particularly in emergency situations where patients may be at risk of respiratory compromise.

The inclusion of Advanced Life Support medications enhances the paramedic's ability to address a wide range of medical emergencies, from cardiac events to severe trauma. The unit also features both 4-lead and 12-lead cardiac monitoring, allowing for comprehensive assessment of a patient's cardiac status. Defibrillation and cardiac pacing capabilities further extend the range of life-saving interventions that can be initiated on scene.

Advanced airway adjuncts, including video laryngoscopy, play a pivotal role in securing and managing airways efficiently. This is crucial in cases of respiratory distress or failure, where timely and effective intervention can make a significant difference in patient outcomes.

Lifting and moving equipment integrated into the paramedic unit ensures the safe and efficient transfer of patients, especially in situations requiring rapid extrication or immobilization. Point-of-care ultrasound capabilities provide real-time imaging for enhanced diagnostic accuracy, enabling paramedics to assess internal injuries and make informed decisions about treatment plans.

The inclusion of life-saving tourniquets is critical for controlling severe bleeding, a common and potentially life-threatening complication in trauma cases. Additionally, the Lucas chest compression device automates high-quality CPR, ensuring continuous and consistent chest compressions during resuscitation efforts.

For prehospital providers, having access to this advanced equipment in a mobile setting is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows for the rapid initiation of critical interventions at the scene of an emergency, significantly improving the chances of positive patient outcomes. The ability to administer advanced medications, perform cardiac monitoring, manage airways, and provide sophisticated diagnostic tools enhances the level of care delivered in the crucial minutes before a patient reaches a hospital.

Moreover, the versatility of the paramedic unit enables providers to respond to a diverse range of emergencies, from cardiac events to traumatic injuries, ensuring that the community receives comprehensive prehospital care. In essence, this fully equipped ALS paramedic unit serves as an extension of the hospital's emergency department, bringing advanced medical capabilities directly to the patient's side, where time is of the essence.

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BLS unit 3925 with ALS upgrade capability

BLS unit that is equipped to respond with two EMT's as needed but is also capable of responding as a back up ALS unit in the case that an emergency call comes out and an off duty paramedic is able to respond. Much of the equipment is the same as Unit 3926, just a smaller ride!